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So I was messing around on Mass Effect 2 and I decided not to go for any of the romance options available.

I wanted to go for Kelly since I've not done that before. But something really awesome happened when I went about my course.
I finished the game regularly with no romance options (I didn't talk to any crew member after their Loyalty missions) and rescued Kelly from Collectors. She was available for me to call her to my cabin and all was fine.

But on a whim, I went about the crew decks and talked to all the other members and proceeded like I was playing the game normally (even though I finished the game).

They said their scripted dialog, but when I talked to Tali, the conversation to have her as a Romance activated. I was confused at first but did the talk anyway. As soon as it was done, the game started loading something. It never happened before and I thought I crashed the game. But it turns out, it loaded the damn Tali Romance Scene with Shepard!

I almost fell off my chair! I was like "How is this even possible???" but the I realized that if you complete the game without romancing anyone, but also not talking to them after their loyalty mission, they are still available for romance after the game is over!

Now I can sit back and enjoy every romance scene in the game without having to replay the game! Awesome huh?

Huh. I posted something positive on my Journal for a change.... Interesting.


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alittleofsomething Mar 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha it's alright! I'm fine c:
That's nice. Hey, maybe I'll send you my character sheet over here instead as all the other options aren't working for me.

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